Neuer Song und Video von il Civetto!


Three years after the release of their self-titled debut album, il Civetto return with their new single „So We Are Here“, the first track from their upcoming sophomore album, which will be released this fall. The tone of the public debate has become harsh. Right-wing populists stir up hatred against refugees, try to make blunt racism socially acceptable and state, that the people are on their side. But il Civetto stand against them and shout: „C’est pas vrai, c’est pas vrai!“ „So We Are Here“ is the expression of the feeling of a generation, who suddenly see themselves forced to take a stand. While their debut album dealt with a beautifully shaped fantasy world, the band has now been brought back down to earth. The naive belief, that everything takes a turn for the better, has been thrown into the cold water of reality. il Civetto manage to highlight this change of perspective. The privilege of the own living conditions and the associate responsibility are visualized, because only together we can make a difference. So we are here / And we won’t keep the silence, but shout / Though you taught us to hush / But there no silencing us / No more

Here is the video:

You can find the track on all streaming and download platforms:

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