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il Civetto - il Civetto

il Civetto - il Civetto
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il Civetto - il Civetto

A colourful mix for the world, invented in Berlin by a band called il Civetto. They have been around
since 2010. After a spontaneous performance on a Berlin underground train which got the whole
wagon dancing, they were engaged on the spot by a passenger for a gig at his party. It took off from
there: more bookings, two EPs, two music videos. By now il Civetto have played more than 250
concerts. They are regulars at the coolest Berlin clubs like Ritter Butzke or Kater Holzig. And
abroad: Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands or Turkey have been on their road map. Il Civetto lives
in the here and now. They are typical city buskers, constantly improvising. Their set up consists of
acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, clarinet, saxophone and a self-made percussion set of cajòn, bongos,
djembe, snare drum and cow bell. This gives them wide options to create new sounds and mixtures
on stage every time. Il Civetto’s songs are never too heavy, but always danceable. Latin passion
meets oriental mysticism, created by Berlin boys.
Their lyrics are a mix of French, Portuguese and languages which still have to be invented.
Between the songs they tell stories. Il Civetto takes you on a journey, strolls with you through the
ship or takes you on a chat with lighthouse keeper Baba Che. And it swings and swings. We follow
a sad fairy into the woods and climb over a lemon tree back into the light.
And now finally there is the album. A trip into the heart of il Civetto. There we find the very self of il
Civetto: spontaneous joy of life. Old and new songs have been rearranged and beefed up with
multiple instruments. The stage action is translated into multilayered studio sound. The result is
mostly uplifting, swinging, groovy, but sometimes also mysterious, exotic and melancholic. Il
Civetto’s sound can be instantly recognized. The musicians’ several side projects in electronic
music, rap or singer-songwriting organically add up to the sound of il Civetto. Singer Leon’s
classically trained passionate voice has this kind of timbre that can mirror euphoria as well as
longing. Somehow their songs manage to make you dance wildly at their concerts, while you can
relax to the same songs at home.
This album is the compass for new journeys through the world of il Civetto. These stories will be
told and retold on tour. And there will be new stories –a little different every time.
Two video clips are in the pipeline. First up is going to be ‘Baba Che’. Crowdfunding is to start soon.
The fan base is growing with every concert. As the boys are well-connected in the Berlin club scene
there will be remixes and the release party in December is meant to be a rave with DJ friends.
il Civetto will go their very own way, through the days and through the night. Baba Che never

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