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Reviews for: 08 - Fagget Fairys - Oci

Date: Wednesday 16 October, 2013
Author: Guest
Reviews for: 08 - Fagget Fairys - Oci


Ol greg has gotten smart. He set his blog up to auto block some folks when they try to post coemmnts. I noticed tonight he had several new items posted today but no coemmnts. He boasted of all the hits he got on his blog. That means one thing only. People are just slightly interested enough to see what a turd can drum up new, but not enough interest to comment on his trash talk. What would greg do if the Mayor and his staff just moved away? Greg would have no life at all. That is just what keeps him going day after day like the Energizer bunny. I sure hope he does not reproduce like a bunny.

Evaluation:1 of 5 Stars!

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