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Cat.No: EBM 013

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Release: October/November 2008

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Figli are here to make the monkey dance!

–  there is probably no better way to describe the music of Figli di Madre Ignota.

They are a band from Milano, Italia. A bunch of people who play an energetic mix of Balkan music, evil polkas, klezmer with a twist, mean swings, breathless tarantellas, all made up with surf guitars and a compelling horn section. Starting in the late Nineties, they found a natural inspiration in the Balkan brass bands and klezmer melodies, and like every good self-declared rootless artist, they picked up the spirit of the dance-or-die and mixed it with a powerful rock combo.

The Italian side of Figli draws its inspiration from roots music of their homeland – music that was played live for the people to dance to – humorous, funny and at the same time cool and exciting. Their Balkan side adds the oriental spice and powerful brass winds. The occasional sevdah and longing in their timbre unites both mentalities.

Their new and third so far CD, “Fez Club” contains a cover of the Eighties’ hit single Paradise, produced by and played with the famous Sicilian trumpeter Roy Paci (Aretuska, Manu Chao, Radio Bemba, Mau Mau and thousand others). The video clip of Paradise, which you also find on this CD, was directed by Cosimo Alemà (Apollo440, Vibrazioni, Verdena and many others). The clip is already on rotation on MTV Italy and MTV Turkey. Fez Club also features a collaboration with Circus Contraption, a dark circus band from Seattle as well as with Italy’s acclaimed parody theater company Banda Osiris. Their songs here mix different languages (Serbian, English) besides the main Italian used by the band.

Figli di Madre Ignota literally means “unknown mother’s sons”, and that used to be the legal term in Italy for orphans of women who couldn’t or didn’t want to recognize them. Such a proud bastard is the new Italian powerhouse Figli di Madre Ignota.

It’s music to dance to wildly with a lot of fun! Figli dress in elegant lounge suites and their live show is electric and sexy. If you can imagine a Balkan brass section playing with a cool rock band, you’re close to the atmosphere of their show.

The result, quoting Tamara Turner, CD Baby Music Editor/Reviewer, is “a genetically-compromised combination of Danny Elfman, Tom Waits, the Cramps, plenty of mad scientists, and the Count from Sesame Street, all having taken up Klezmer-polka-ska-swamp-o-billy… it’s unusual, it’s quirky, it will spread smiles better than a virus.

The best of both worlds – the brass power and craziness of the Balkans combined with the sophistication of Italian gentleman’s croon. In two words: SPAGHETTI BALKAN!


1.   Spaghetti Balkan
2.   Theme from Paradise
3.   Sadoman
4.   Daddy Lollo
5.   Nema Problema Touris
6.   Fantasma del Mattino
7.   Falafel Express
8.   Dago Shoes
9.   Fanfara Mocvara
10. Olè Olè
11. Fantapolitika



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