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Catalogue: EBM023

Release: 02.11.2012

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The largest country in the world has not only a vast pool of resources, but also a musical talent that we are not aware of. Apart from girl duo t.A.T.u. no other Russian pop export has really made it over the collapsed Iron Curtain so far. There are bands like Leningrad, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Markscheider Kunst or La Minor, who at least tour the West regularly and besides the diaspora also reach non-Russian fans.

There are also a few artists, who have achieved some limited fame in well-connected scenes like metal, world or electronic music. And then there is this vodka-fueled, polka-driven ‘Russian Sound’, as it has been popularized on our shores through various compilations, clubs and bands. That’s fun, but will not make it on the radio. Besides matroshkas and bears that walk the streets, there is also a modern musical landscape. Anyone, who has ever been to Russia, has probably picked up some bands who just write cool hits – but in Russian. It’s this kind of music we want to present to the world for the first time on LUNAPARK; A new generation of bands who play on international levels without losing their identity. They sing in Russian as lyrics play an important role in Russia.

Musically, we have focused on alternative rock and pop on this selection, although even in Russia the musical boundaries are not as clear these days. Many of the Russian bands on LUNAPARK are popular all over Eastern Europe, while artists like Alina Orlova from Lithuania or Bez Bileta from Belarus are well-known in Russia. LUNAPARK is the first calling card of a current sound of Russia and we’ve tried to set up a wide range without digging too deep into subgenres and niche music.

On LUNAPARK you’ll find super stars like Mumiy Troll and Lyapis Trubetskoy, newcomers like Obe Dve or The Retuses as well as socially critical artists like Barto, Noize MC or Vasya Oblomov all of whom have been acting as voices for the youth movement protesting against electoral fraud or the trial against the action group Pussy Riot. This is a kaleidoscope of talents – not a freak show. Russia has arrived in the here and now and is finding its own voice. As long as it comes up with such hits as on LUNAPARK, the rest of the world will be listening.

listen   1. Gornostay Suka 02:35  
listen   2. Obe Dve Pachka (Electronshik Artem Version) 02:42  
listen   3. Noize MC Pesnya Dlya Radio 02:57  
listen   4. Mujuice Yunost 06:34  
listen   5. Barto Lenin 04:09  
listen   6. Underwood Platye V Goroshek 03:49  
listen   7. Treya NLO 03:20  
listen   8. Lyapis Trubetskoy Ya Verju 03:07  
listen   9. Mumiy Troll Kontrabandy 04:00  
listen   10. Bigudi & Grishkovez & Brainstorm Na Zare 04:38  
listen   11. Megapolis Supertango 05:59  
listen   12. Kaif Davai Ubezhim 03:06  
listen   13. Lumen Sekunda 03:49  
listen   14. Alina Orlova Lihoradka 02:54  
listen   15. The Retuses Lasdehnen 02:39  
listen   16. Pilot Smeshnaya Sestryonka Leta 03:53  
listen   17. Bez Bileta Mechtateli 03:53  
listen   18. Varja Demidova Zima 03:36  
listen   19. Vasya Oblomov Magadan (Original Version) 04:33