V.A. – Ukraina – Songs of the orange revolution

V.A. - Ukraina - Songs of the orange revolution

Distribution: Indigo
Cat.No: EBM002
Ord.No.: 880692
Release: 29.09.2006

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Never before has the Ukraine been as much in the international focus. The flow of good news from Kiev finds its musical equivalent in this compilation.

As Alexander Schwabe, politics editor at German magazine DER SPIEGEL, writes in the booklet of the CD: “For a few days cheerful people from all layers of society and of all ages became united as the biggest family in the world. There seemed to be no strangers anymore amongst the hundred thousands… The party of the revolutionists was going full steam for three weeks. From early in the morniMng until late at night pop bands were cheering up the demonstrators and folk groups were warming up their souls.

These ‘Orange Days’ in the Ukraine will have significance for all of Europe. And here you find the soundtrack to this revolution. Many of the best and most exciting bands of the Ukraine agreed to play for free for the people, demonstrating in the streets. Some bands even spontaneously wrote songs in support of the Orange Revolution.

RUSLANA, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, was especially actively involved in these events. On this CD she is present with the Ukrainian version of her Grand Prix winning song ‘Wild Dances’. Exclusively you will also find here the video to her new not-yet-released single ‘Dance with the wolves’.

But there is much more to discover on the musical map of the Ukraine. The musical array on this CD stretches from pop and rock via hiphop and ska to folk and ballads. Some of the presented bands like WW, Haydamaky or Mandry have already been introduced to the German audience via the RUSSENDISKO compilations.

„UKRAINA – songs of the orange revolution“ is the first compilation, released in Germany with Ukrainian bands only. Many of the songs on this compilation became hymns at this biggest and longest open air concert the Ukraine has ever seen.


01. Okean Elsi: Maische Wesna
02. Ruslana: Diki Tanzi
03. WW: Musika Dika
04. Mandri: Kalina
05. Haydamaky: Boguslaw
06. Tartak: Ja ne chotschu
07. Talita Kum: Litai
08. TNMK: Wawilon
09. Mad Heads: Nadija Jea
10. Oleksander Ponomariow: Chowen
11. Rosawa: Nascha Ukraina