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Image Okean Elsiis one of the leading Ukrainian rock bands. Musically they are influenced by Western styles (britpop, rock), but they sing in Ukrainian with a great deal of Slavic melancholy and passion. Originally from Lviv (Lemberg), Okean Elsi is now renowned in the whole of the former Soviet Union. In 10 years they have played more than 500 concerts. By the way, the singer is currently writing his dissertation on theoretical physics.
www.okeanelzy.com (ukr./russ.)
Image Ruslana has won last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. She is virtually known to every child in the Ukraine. And she is successful in Western Europe too by now. Originally also from Lviv, Ruslana has been singing since she was four. Her album “Diki Tanzi”, which was recorded in Peter Gabriel’s famous Real World studios, has been (legally) sold 300.000 times in her motherland. In her music she is combining melodies of the Huzuls, an ancient mountain people of the Ukrainian Carpats, with modern pop and rock elements.
In the beginning of the events in Kiev Ruslana went on hunger strike to show her protest against the faked elections.
www.ruslana.com.ua (engl./ukr./russ.)
Image WW means Wopli Widoplyasova – the screams of Widoplyasov, a figure in a novel by Dostoevsky. The band was already founded in 1986 and quickly gathered a cult following in the (ex) Soviet Union. During the first half of the Nineties the band moved to France for a couple of years. There they also collaborated with Manu Chao. They are still popular in France.
Some curious facts:
– They recorded an album together with the choir of the Ukrainian army.
– The first Ukrainian astronaut in space, Leonid Kadenuk, took a WW CD with him into the spaceship.
www.vopli.com.ua (engl./ukr./russ./frz.)
Image The band Mandri got together in 1997. Mandri, which means ‘traveling’, mix Ukrainian folk melodies with percussion, chanson, reggae and rock. Out of the Kiev underground the band developed into one of the spearheads of the so-called ‘folk music of the cities’.
https://www.mandrymusic.com (ukr./engl.)
Image Haydamaky also love to combine modern Western sounds (punk, reggae) with traditional Ukrainian folk music from the Carpathian Mountains and the Bucovina region. The peasants and Cossacks who took part in the Ukrainian peasant uprising in the 18th century were called Haydamaks.
The band has already been touring in Western Europe. They also played the biggest folk music festival in Rudolstadt, Germany.
www.haydamaky.com (engl./ukr.)
Image Tartak’ in a Western Ukrainian dialect means ‘saw mill’. This wild gang consists of a HipHopper, a comedian, a metal fan, a DJ, a punk rocker and a folk musician. Their 2002 debut album was called ‘Population Explosion’. Especially young people love them and they are famous for their hilarious live shows. Here they sing: ‘I don’t want to be Hero of the Ukraine’.
tartak.com.ua (ukr.)
Image Talita Kum is lead by charismatic singer Julia Mischenko. From an early age she has been musically educated. She gathered her first band 10 years ago in Lviv. In 2001 she moved to Kiev and founded Talita Kum. Their debut album “Tschuzhesemtzy” (‘Outlanders’) was successfully released 2 years ago
talitakum.kiev.ua (engl./ukr./russ.)
Image Tanez na Maidane Kongo“ (TNMK) – „Dance on the Kongo Square“ was founded 10 years ago in Charkov. They were one the first famous bands in the Ukraine to play Hip Hop and Crossover music. Their live shows include break dancers and DJs. TNMK are actively involved in the Ukrainian Hip Hop scene and support all kinds of progressive music. They organize festivals and release compilations.
www.tnmk.com.ua (ukr./russ.)
Image After becoming successful in their home countries, some Eastern European bands try to achieve the same success abroad by singing English. With Mad Heads it’s the other way around. They first started off singing in English, but now got back to their roots and sing in Ukrainian and Russian. They play psychobilly with touches of punk, ska and rock ‘n’ roll.
www.madheads.kiev.ua (engl./ukr./russ.)
Image Oleksander Ponomariow is more of a pop singer. His talent and excellent voice helped him to become ‘Singer of the Year’ for several times. He was the youngest singer ever to earn the title ‘Deserved Artist of the Ukraine’.
Image Rosawa has been known as a very talented folk singer in the Ukraine since 1999. Authenticity and her Slavic roots are important to her. At the moment she is recording an album of children’s songs.