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05 - Tchernus' - Romeo i Dzhul'etta

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05 - Tchernus' - Romeo i Dzhul'etta

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Author:  Guest am 23/06/2013
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Author:  Guest am 22/06/2013
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This has got to be the stupidest and most dhesonsit article on Israel I've read at this site. Regarding myth one, no one denies that Iran will in the near future have the power to destroy the State of Israel (it only takes one nuclear bomb). That existential military threat isn't here now, true but it will be there in a few years. It will be a threat despite Israel's capability for massive retaliation.On myth two, most Israelis have been relatively safe from violent attacks for the past five years. Those in the south, however, have not been safe lately. They have to run to air raid shelters when the sirens go off. Even if they're unlikely to get hit, the threat is there. Would you discount such a threat if Mexicans were firing missiles into the southern US?On myth three, do you really expect this statement to be taken seriously: Were Israel to start behaving by accepted international moral norms, the BDS movement would fade from the scene quickly enough, ending the crisis of delegitimization' — just as the rockets from Gaza might well cease. Come on. The Western left's denial of Israel's legitimacy is based on its character as a 19th-century style ethnic nation-state (e.g., Tony Judt in the NYRB). The Muslim denial of Israel's legitimacy is based on its non-Muslim sovereignty over a Muslim wakf. The Palestinian denial of Israel's legitimacy is based on Jewish sovereignty within the Palestinian's homeland, which stretches from the river to the sea. None of this has to do with international norms of behavior.Israel's security concerns are sometimes exaggerated for political effect, but they are real, not mythical. Israel's existence is threatened, not so much in the short run, but in the long run. Many Israelis do leave the country because of the war. That is the declared strategy of the Palestinian resistance: to make life in Israel unlivable in the long run. The demographics are another existential threat, one that wasn't mentioned here. These threats are less dramatic than an Iranian bomb, but they are real.Israeli politicians exaggerate the situation for propaganda purposes, there's no doubt about that. But just because Israeli politicians say a lot of nonsense, doesn't mean you should react by believing the kind of nonsense in this article. As usual, when it comes to Israel, the paleo right starts babbling about international norms (following the UN, human rights NGOs, etc.); citing airhead TV personalities like Merav Michaeli for an Israeli point of view; and putting its faith in the naive possibility of a settlement of the crisis a crisis that has been continuing for a hundred years, which no regional players believe is solvable at this time. Don't believe Israeli politicians, but don't believe this nonsense either. The truth is in the middle. None of what I'm saying, by the way, implies that the US should support Israel. You can make a good argument against the US-Israel alliance without stooping to the kind of distortions in this article.

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