VooVoo I Haydamaky


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A very interesting album was recorded by the Polish band Voo Voo together with Haydamaky from the Ukraine. The name of it is just Voo Voo I Haydamaky.

In the West Voo Voo is almost unknown, but in Poland they are one of the most popular bands.

 Voo Voo and Haydamaky present true stories with emotional singing. When talking about roots’ art, you have to keep in mind stability of attitudes and truths, their simple power, abundance of meanings, all metaphysical space – relations with human being, with God, love and the simplest, smiling affirmation of life.

 The best song to describe the album is probably “Babilon System” The music is somewhere between Reggae and Eastern European folk. Their music is based mainly on Ukrainian repertoire, which is in a natural way inspired by Balkan roots, scales and rhythms but it also grows from a very rich rock style. The artists show the most expressive part of their music – devotion to their tradition, to music of roots combined with tremendous energy and deep imagination. Voo Voo is acting like a musical filter and the emotional Haydamaky play builds on that. The songs are both in Polish and Ukrainian and you can find here not only songs composed by them but also traditional folk songs.

 The album comes in a very high-quality 28-pages digi-book.


1.      Bądź Zdrowe, Serce Me

2.      Tylko Z Nieba

3.      Do Ternopola

4.      Dumka Dla Kitona

5.      Besarabka

6.      Poleczko

7.      Z Kolegami

8.      Wyszła Młoda

9.      Dinata

10.    Babilon System

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